July 12, 2014

My Stay in Tennessee

Hi Chirps,

I know, one normally say peeps....and that would match my Birdhouse blog but it's so overused by none birdy blogs....so I thought chirps would work....

Anyway, I was in Tennessee for around 2 months. A long time visiting....I know! It was a good visit though. Of course being with Patrick every single day is just plainly WONDERFUL....would be bad if I thought so otherwise since we are getting married soon!

During my 2 months there I really got to know Patrick's family. I stayed with them the entire time and helped them move...twice. It's a long story.... let's just say they kept me busy. ☺ They felt so bad about it though and I just said "What a better way to get to know your new family than being in the middle of stress and seeing everything they own!!" ☺

So other than moving I got to do a few things here and there, like.....

My Honey & two of his brothers played live at a Homestead Fair

We visited the "Christmas Tree Lady" She has like 20+ Christmas trees in her house.

Visiting the Rain Forrest Cafe for the first time....what an experience!!
Celebrating Independence Day in Kentucky at a Camp Meeting!!
English Contra Dance was sooo much fun and my honey was part of the live music.
Just having fun with the Hon!! ☺
Enjoying hot summer days
And lastly I got to be a part of Cornerstone Baptist Church's famous Music School!

Can't believe I condensed 2 whole months into one single post but here it is! It was a crazy busy time but I enjoyed every minute of it. During this time I not only got to know my new family but many of Patrick's friends & acquaintances became my friends too.

So tell me....what have you been up too? When I don't blog I don't here from ya'll either!!


  1. Hi Iris, let me know if my comments are going thru:) It sounds like you had a really fun time here in the States. Is the Rainforest Cafe in Nashville? Because if it, I have been there before when I was like 16. lol Its was great seeing all the pics and hearing about your visit to the States.

  2. I don't think 2 months in TN was quite enough, Iris!! :( It was great to get to know you better, though! :) I'm sad we won't be able to make the wedding, but I'm looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about it! :)


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