June 02, 2015

Honeymoon || Day Six

On our last full day in France we again stayed in Sisteron (saving energy for the 10+ hour ride home). This time though we went to tour INSIDE the Citadel! The entry fee was not much and they had so many signs & even these "talking boxes" that would tell you one or two radio drama type stories of the Citadel! Super cool!

Once we finally made it up the hill we sat down for a bit....actually just to get a picture!
going down into the basement
Look at the view!!!

We are pretty high up there....but not on the top level of the Citadel just yet!
Bibel Believers (Huguenots) were thrown off this mountain by the first Roman Catholics. (Mount Gouges)
We'll be going up there soon!
Where on the highest point....on the tower with the bell!!!!

It was very fun! Only problem was there were no public bathrooms....well none with seats or toilet paper. :P And we didn't have tissues. Now we know!

The 5 days went by way to fast! We had a wonderful time on our honeymoon. I'll be sharing one more post with our evening out and other random France pictures!

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