June 03, 2015

Honeymoon || Last Day

On our last day we wanted to eat in a more fancy restaurant. I think we should looked around a little more because even though our hotel's restaurant was 3 stars & expensive it was not THAT classy....we were so dressed up but they (tried) to hide their smiles and served us well.

Don't we look like some spy couple? :D
Glasses that match our drinks.

We sat in front of this for 30 minutes not understanding what it said! Thankfully a British couple helped us out and talked about how wonderful marriage is (after they asked why we were so dress up. lol)
My food
Patrick's food

Our hotel room:

On our way home......
Waiting for cows to pass so we can continue driving...cool experience!
This is how we ate lunch and dinner...no stops.
Seeing Heidelberg for the first time on the screen!

I hoped you enjoyed this little glimpse into our sweet honeymoon. We enjoyed our time together and I can only recommend going to Southern France. The rugged country is sooo beautiful, charming and relaxing.

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