June 01, 2015

Honeymoon || Day Five

The Lavender Museum was next. The Provence (area in Southern France) is known for it's lavender fields and so we knew we definitely wanted to do something with lavender. Sadly we came after the lavender was harvested but this museum was very interesting!

First of all....on the way there we drove past lots of little towns and drove though many too. Some of these looked like they did not consist of more than 20 houses!

When we got there we were bombarded by the lavender smell. We later saw their trick.....every hour or so they go through the entire museum spraying lavender room spray. ☺ Very relaxing smell if it isn't to much!

The people there spoke English very well and they had these awesome hearing phones (made in Israel! super cool!) that was in English and we could listen to the movie and get an explanation for everything in the museum.

Even though the museum was not very large listening to the thorough explanations & stories of all the items made it very educational and entertaining!

I learned soooo many things there. For one they brought you on the journey of the lavender distilleries from over the years. They showed the various methods and explained the pros and cons.

The most interesting thing I learned is that the lavender as we know it is actually a man made "breed". It is more robust & has a stronger smell. This lavender can grow just about anywhere in the world. Now the lavender that is actually good for you and can help your health in called lavendin!
After we finished the tour you come into their shop....of course....and they let you try products! I m big into natural remedies and since I have a friend big into essential oils I was very interested. Surprisingly the prices were pretty decent in the shop (online...they are EXPENSIVE!) We of course bought a few things and then had lunch.

It was a very educational day!

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