July 11, 2013

Catching Up on Violin Practice?

Wanna Know What I've been up to? Trying to catch up on my 15 minutes of violin I haven't been doing every week....OK....that's not the reason. I am playing my violin for the Handle's Messiah that will be sung by my school (I went to...and will be working at).

It's a challenge but it's also lots of fun! Especially the Hallelujah Chorus....Its AMAZING every time we play it. The kids sing loud, the instruments are in it....WOW!

Also, check out Feminine Modesty to see an outfit I put together to match my shoes. :P

What are you up too? Busy?


  1. I had absolutely no idea that you had another blog!!!! Wow!! Awesome!!! Lol!!-Leah

    1. I just started the other blog and am slowly trying to get the word out. :) Feel free to tell you friends about Feminine Modesty! ☺



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