July 04, 2013

Happy Independence Day

Today my good friend, Erin, has her b-day today and so we are all coming together.....to grill, drink soda and have fun.....maybe we'll go see the fireworks from the army base....we can see them from the vineyards behind our house. ☺

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What are you doing today?


  1. I didn't know you guys celebrate the 4th of July out in Germany....I had a great day!!! My family and I all went to Eagle Creek (a national park near Indianapolis about 2mins away from where we live) then at about 8ish my whole fam (except my mom and tiny brother) went out to Indianapolis to see the fireworks at 10pm! We got all the cushins from our couch and piled them into the back of my daddy's truck and drove downtown to see the fireworks come from this big bank down there!! It was soooo cool especially because it was my first time seeing the fireworks ever!! Sorry this was so long!!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!-Leah

    1. Don't mind long comments at all! :) Watching fireworks in the back of a truck with comfy pillow sounds WONDERFUL! Glad you enjoyed your time. Sadly we did not get to see fireworks...since the Heidelberg base is closing they won't do any anymore. :'(

      The reason we celebrate(ed) it was because of all my military friends here. :) It's quite sad that all the Americans are leaving. *sigh*


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