July 05, 2013

God Gave Me Curls

We should never forget to give credit to whom credit is due......even God. 
Did I tell you...that God gave me curls?


  1. This was sweet, Iris! I'm one of those blessed with curls who frequently has longed for straight hair. But I've been convicted lately that I shouldn't think or talk like that. God doesn't make mistakes, and He obviously wanted to give me curly hair instead of straight. (And my husband loves my hair!) :)


  2. Wow that is a wonderful story!!! Many times we as humans forget to tell others of Jesus. Or we think others will think less of us if we tell the world of our faith. But the reasons God gives us things or oportunites is because he tells us to go into all the world and make disciples, so he gives us many blessings to use as conversation starters for telling the world of Him. I looove it!! Thanks so much for getting me thinking, Iris!!!-Leah

  3. Especially God!
    Thanks for a great reminder.

  4. I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

    Details are available here

  5. awww! THis was awesome! God gave me wavy-curly hair and I've only recently begun to work WITH it instead of against it :) I LOVE THEM! SUCH A SWEET TESTIMONY!!!! LOVE


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