July 01, 2013

Goals 2013 // June

→Be more efficient with my time- Good days, bad days but I am trying to spend my time wisely. 

→A glass of water every day**- With the weather being warmer I tend to drink more water to "fill up my tank".
**I don't drink any soda or coffee and when I am not drinking water I drink at least 5 glasses of 1/3 apple juice diluted with 2/3 water .
  →Play piano 4x a week- Almost every day

→Play violin once a week- I've given up. Though the next to weeks I'll be playing a lot.....

→Exercise 15 minutes- Actually, for my b-day I got a mini exercise bike....one that will fit under the table and you can exercise on while working on the computer.....and I've been doing that often.

→Pass out a tract-  Pretty good. I've been out and about and when I think of it I give or leave a track

read a book every month- I finished three this month. One for school and two short ebooks

create something once a month (digital, crafting, sewing)- Yes, I refashioned a shirt awhile back (tutorial coming), made some thank you cards, refashioned my glasses (tutorial coming), crafted some bags, designing some things....

1 guest post/month- My June Sponsors....does that count?

→1 vlog/ month- Nope. :( I did create one last month....but I'll be showing it this month

practice one song a month together- We sang our song and are practicing a few more.

continue monthly date night -  Nope. It's harder then I thought. I mean we do cool things together but not really a date....it's complicated trying to find something that won't take much money....and then finding a fun chaperone.

Need to go practice the violin now....I'll be playing in Händle's Messiah.....


  1. Love your goals! I should probably come up with some personal goals just to make sure I stay sane this busy summer.

    I am also a lapsed fiddle player... alas, that's one thing that's going to stay in the closet until August...

    1. It really helped me to write out my goals and let other people know!! You'll have to share your summer goals with me!! ☺


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