June 27, 2013

Summer Bucket List

So summer is officially here now and everyone is making plans on what to do during the holidays. I really liked reading other people's bucket list but just felt sorry for myself since I have to do school......I know, it's my fault I got behind and now have to take summer classes to catch up and reach my goal to graduate in May '14.

But yesterday, after reading Kellie's bucketlist, I decided to quite feeling sorry for myself and create a doable but fun bucket list.

This summer I want to:

- Read one book just for fun! Nothing school related. I don't lack reading.....it's just reading a book for fun....we shall see what book it it.

-Go to Hohengrete- this is the highlight of my summer. Going to my churches camp....the last one my church had was in '07. There will be games, hiking, swimming.....what ever you want to do....and preaching every night!!! Woohoo.....I am so excited!!

-Camp on our terrace for one night.....we did that when I was a teen and I think it would be fun to do again. Maybe. We shall see.

-Sleepover- Either I'll invite someone or go to someone's house....just make some fun memories!

-Take a boat ride- There is a boots ride called "The 4 Castles". It goes along the Necker river starting in Heidelberg (my hometown) till Neckersteinach. There you'll see 4 smaller castles that you can hike up to and see. Patrick has never been there....fun fun fun!

-Movie night- One night where we watch a REALLY long movie, eat chips, candy & sugar pocorn and just have fun!

- Take a long bike ride- Already have this planned.....just need to pray the weather holds up.

-Make at least one or two more DIY's -I have soooooo many ideas and things I need to do. I have a whole bag full of things I want to refashion....and few things that need to be painted and....ok you get the point.

-Design a few blogs-I am already working on this because of the giveaway....so YAY!

-Summer Photo Session.....with Patrick. I LOVE pictures. ♥

-Bake Cookies- Just because....cookies are good

-Visit the Castle- I know we already did....but I want to go again in the summer....when the fountain is on and the grass & trees are lush & green! Maybe even take the tour inside??

What's on your (unofficial) list this summer?


  1. Sleepovers are fun! We still do them with our friends (kids included). We need them, they keep us young ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, I love every single one of your bucket list items! I really should have included the sleepover and movie night goals on mine, too because those are always so much fun. :) I hope you get to do each of these things this summer!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Hehehehe...Thanks! You can still add sleepover to your list! ☺

      Thank you for Hosting!

  3. I love your list!! Isn't summer so wonderful?!? :-)

    1. Yes it is!!! My favorite time of the year!

      Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Girl, thanks for linking up with us. Love your list!! Your blog is too cute, you definitely have a gift for design. :) I would love to have a movie marathon but I would never make it. For some reason movies always put me right to sleep--even in theaters! How embarrassing, right?

    1. Hahahahaha...really? I cannot sleep while I watch a movie! Even if I've seen it many times. :) If only slept through a few movies and that was because I was jetlagged and we were watching really late. :D

      Thank you for stopping by!


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