June 17, 2013

My Party

Sunday afternoon I invited some of the young adults from my church and celebrated my birthday. It turned out greater than I had hoped....'cause we had lots of fun! We played two games....one is called scissors and the other one is a game called "I have never"... the second one is crazy and fun!!!

My Beautiful Cake:
In this picture you can see my HORRIBLE sunburn on my arms & nose. *sigh*

Opening Gifts:

This was our second time together on my birthday....the first time we celebrated my birthday together we just started courting two weeks ago. ☺

It was a beautiful birthday party and now I am waiting for my real birthday tomorrow.... I'll enjoy the little family celebration. ☺ 
And I can't wait to see who the giveaway winner is!!!


  1. Lovely party! You look like you had a wonderful time, and I adore your dress. Happy birthday, Iris!

  2. *high five gemini* and Happy Birthday! Mine was on sunday, it's a good month for birthdays :)

    The birdhouse is beautful!!

    1. Really!! So many birthdays in June! It's crazy...at least 20 people I know from of the top of my head.

      Anyways. Happy Birthday to you too!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! You look sooo pretty!!! Love your outfit!! And your hair looks sooo beautiful!! I hope you have a wonderful real birthday tomarrow!!! Ps that cake is gorgeous!!!!-Leah

  4. Happy birthday Iris! Make it a wonderful year!

    1. Thank you Emily!! So nice to hear from you again. Long time no see. :)


  5. Looks like you had a fun time! Did you make your cake? :) Love that banner over the top very cute. :) All your gifts look cute, too. I love the look of that one in the jar. Is it to make your own cookies or something? I have a couple books like that here, Gifts from the Kitchen. All super fun stuff! :)


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