June 10, 2013

Washi Tape Crafts

So a few weeks ago I got some washi tape. And let me just tell you....I am hooked. I want them in every possible color!! But for now I am playing with those I have.

Here you see the two mother and grandmother's day cards I made:

Here is a birthday card for a friend:

And I made these for the chicken-wire frame:

Dress up a boring place:

Do you have washi tape? What did you use them for?


  1. I have actually been wanting to buy some.....how much are they over in germany? I looove the cards you made!!! I think i might have to copy your idea!!-Leah

    1. Washi tapes are crazy expensive here! For one like $4! I had these ordered from the States...8 for $12. :)

    2. Wow nice price!!!!! You scored bigggggg!!! Ps you need to post those card ideas on pinterest!!-Leah

    3. I will!! You can pin them too! ☺


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