June 12, 2013

The Twirled Checkered Dress

Today I walked the dog through the vineyards to town to send off a graduation card for Patrick's brother (tutorial coming soon) and this is what I wore.....

 This dress was gifted to me by one of my college friends.....I tried it on and it fit so perfectly! I love the casual jean top with the summery checkered pattern. And the twirled pattern on the top.....just gives it flair.

Dress- gifted
Camisole- walmart
Shoes- Thrifted
Jewlery- gifted & SIX

Is there anyone your close to that graduated? What did you do for them?

PS: This is what Paxton thinks of my taking outfit pictures:

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  1. cute outfit! I would love that walk to town through the vineyards!!

  2. Super cute outfit! Paxton is also super cute! Can't wait to see the card you made him!-Leah

    1. Thank you! Yeah, Paxton is a cutie....even if he is bored to death. :D


  3. Looking forward to seeing that card. :) And the checkers are super fun - perfect for walking through a vineyard (and how fun that you get to casually walk through one!! I'm envious).

    1. It is nice to walk through the vineyards. It is private property but open to anyone....everyone takes walks up there. It's really beautiful!

  4. haha cracking up over your little joke with paxton yawning. cute, cute! and i agree with ^cate^, a casual walk through a vineyard sounds fabulous!

    xoxo linds
    my style blog :: Ruby Girl

    1. Hahahaha...he was sitting there all bored so I wanted to take a picture and right that minute he yawned....I thought that was perfect! :)

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