June 13, 2013

June Sponsers Feature

This month I wanted to let my sponsors introduce themselves! And since it's my birthday month I asked them what they like about birthdays.

I Introduce....

I am an farmgirl entrepreneur currently living in a vintage bus in the gorgeous mountains and valleys of rural North Idaho, striving to serve the Lord in every aspect of my life and share His love with the world.
I love to sew and create beautiful things, and am at present working on expanding my own clothing label, located at kelliefalconerdesign. My workspace is a 10x12' canvas wall tent, where the birds sing from dawn to dusk and the coyotes pick up where they leave off. I love my life here, and embrace the challenges it entails as part of life's grand adventure.

Adventure, aspiration, and unique beauty are the birthright of all, and with each of my designs, I strive to capture that spirit and allow you to experience it for yourself. My blog is an extension of that.
Stick around awhile and you'll see how zany it can really get. Because though life isn't perfect, it is so very, very beautiful.

What is your favorite thing about birthdays?
"Simply that birthdays are my favorite!  The nostalgia, the celebrations, the little things that loved ones do to make you feel special and cherished."


 My name is Krista and you can find me blogging at Chris and Krista. Chris and Krista is a blog about faith, hope and love. My husband and I are currently following God's call in our life to be missionaries in Germany. We use our blog as an extension of our ministry, a way to stay connected to friends and family, and a great creative outlet! Our goal is that Chris and Krista is a place where you can come and see that despite all the problems and terrible things in life, there is still good happening in our world and we can find hope in Jesus. Come on over, stay awhile, and be encouraged!

What is your favorite thing about birthdays?
My favorite thing about birthdays is that its a whole day (or in my case, I take a whole month) of celebrating someone I love! I love to go all out and I love it when someone does the same for me! My husband was never very big on celebrating birthdays, until he married me. Now, both of our birthdays are huge in our house!  


 Hi, I'm Lisa from The Thrifty Challenge and my blog is all about recycling, reusing and thrifting to create a space you love. I'm a bit of a craft addict who loves upcycling.

What is your favorite thing about birthdays?
My favourite thing about birthdays is being able to spoil the ones you love and make presents and cards you know they'll love.


Hi everyone, it's Samara from over at The Secret Life of Samara. I live in Australia and I am married to a husband who is 6"8; I stood on a stool to kiss him at our wedding! Sometimes I still use that stool, but mainly just to reach the potatoes on top of the fridge. I don't have a pet kangaroo but I do have a rabbit called Nibbles, who I write about a lot on my blog (I think Iris is Nibbles' number one fan!)I am not great at cooking but am fairly good at crafts. I refurbished our kitchen table, which I am super proud of. Generally I love to blog about my life and what's going on in it. Come on over and say hi, I would love to meet you.

What is your favorite thing about birthdays?
My favourite thing about birthdays is that everyone does everything for me- ha ha! I love being made to feel special on my birthday.

Go visit them and you just might find a new favorite blog!!!

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