June 01, 2013

Goals 2013 // May

I have not done a Goal update in a long time. Reason? Well one, I think they are boring posts and two, I have been slacking....So here is a monthly roundup of my weekly goals and also my monthly goals

→Be more efficient with my time- I have been pretty busy....I try to schedule my time wisely to do my classes, activities & keep up with my reading.

→A glass of water every day**- This past month I have been slacking...but this past week I started getting better again

**I don't drink any soda or coffee and when I am not drinking water I drink at least 5 glasses of 1/3 apple juice diluted with 2/3 water .
→Play piano 4x a week- I do pretty good at practicing piano.

→Play violin once a week- Really really bad.....I don't think I played it one single time. :(

→Exercise 15 minutes- Ahem....no. Other than walking to church for 30 minutes or walking to the store.

→Pass out a tract-  Yes, not every week but I did.....even gave a tract to the people that picked up our garden furniture!

read a book every month- I just finished "Honey to a Child's Heart" for class. It is a great book I can recommend to any one-day-want-to-be mommy...or daddy. It gives so much insight on why books are important, how they affect growing up and which book to look for

create something once a month (digital, crafting, sewing)- Yes!! I created some washi tape cards*, worked on a frame* with chicken wire to hang pictures & gave my desk a popping facelift.*
* I will show all these to you soon! ☺

1 guest post/month- I really didn't know who I should ask....so no.

→1 vlog/ month- Yes! Have you seen it? It'll make you laugh big time!!

practice one song a month together- Yes, and we are wanting to sing it at our next Guest Sunday....June 23rd. 

continue monthly date night -  Last night. We celebrated our 3 Year Anniversary which will be on Sunday June 2nd. ♥ 

 What grade would you give me?


  1. hehehehe - love the bird in the picture! Can yours do that?!? ;)

    I don't want to invite myself, but I'd love to guestpost for you... we could do a post swap or something? if you're not comfortable with it, no worries I will understand :)

    1. I know!!! Isn't that a hilarious picture!! I thought it was great for my goals. Mine can do some pretty crazy stuff...I bet they could stretch like that though they don't do it.

      Sure, swapping guest posting sounds great!!! I'll email you.


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