May 31, 2013

May Photo Challenge Part II

{Day 16} Edible
{Day 17} White
{Day 18} A portion
{Day 19} In the garden
{Day 20} A Fiesta....yeah pizza. ☺
{Day 21} Metal
{Day 22} In nature
{Day 23} Growing
{Day 24} Wood
{Day 25} Looking up
{Day 26} Blue
{Day 27} Horizon
{Day 28} Wet
{Day 29} A smile
{Day 30} A memory (Paxton in Switzerland)
{Day 31} Out loud

This Challenge was a lot of fun! Some of the things really challenged me to be creative and take a new perspective!! I won't be so strickt with myself next month but I looked at the June challenge and will do some. ☺

Which one is your favorite picture? On some what would you have taken a picture of?


  1. I really liked the "a portion" one.

    1. Thank you! Every time I see that door I want to take a picture of it. :)


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