May 14, 2013

Make Your Own Owl Pillow

Today I want to show you how I made the cute owl pillows for the giveaway.

1. Plan & Design your pattern
2. Cut out the body- Pin to secure from moving the pattern
3. Carefully cut out the eye from the pattern & cut out material.
4. Do this with all parts: eye, belly & beak. Pin securely & sew on.
5. Sew on buttons as eyes. Various locations create various expressions. Play around! ☺
6. Pin right-side-in and sew one time around....except....
7. Leave a little hole on the bottom to stuff. When full, fold in seams & sew. Your done!

Please share this tutorial by pinning the first picture! Thank you! ☺


  1. That is cute. Glad you shared this genius idea.


  2. Such a cute design. I love owls :)

    1. Thank you Rachel!....and for visiting my blog! ☺


  3. That is just too adorable! Too bad i don't know how to sew.

    Stopping by from the SITSSHAREFEST!

    Keep it Touched,

    1. Hehehehe....its pretty easy to learn to sew! :) Try learning with this simple owl pillow! ☺


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