May 07, 2013

Things I'm Afraid Of

We all struggle with fear....for everyone its a little something different and we all react different to our are some things I'm afraid of:

I have always been afraid of large bodies of water. I was scared of it before I was a month old. My mom only walked into the pool room and I started screaming. As a young child I would freak out if I THOUGHT you'd let me go in the pool. As a got older I got better with overcoming my fear and still try to to this day....but if I can't stand or hold on to something I WILL freak out.

I mean seriously, who likes pain...but my fear of pain has hindered me to be active. Any type of sport is scary...because you could get hurt. No soccer, no running, no volley ball, no artistic gymnastics.... ow!

I think many of us ladies can't stand bugs....I don't either. I don't like ANY bugs in my home....spiders and months need to be killed instantly. I do have ants running over my vanity but as long as they don't touch me I'll be OK.

Outside I don't like tall grass because....there are bugs. I don't like  months, lady bugs, flies, butterflies or anything else flying AT me...I WILL squeal, duck and run. To get better about it I take pictures of as many bugs I can find....

Sounds weird, doesn't it. I'm scared of people.....when I first meet you....what do I say? What will you think? All the time I am comparing myself to I look I acting like a my German good English good I dressed appropriately. I am not freaked out but if the subject comes up (in my head)....what do I do? The Bible says:
Psalms 118:6 The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?

Tell me, what are you afraid of?


  1. Definatly large bodies of water!!!!! Bees and wasps and prettty much any kind of bug except for ants and butterflies. And yeh people i am afraid if people think i am not good enough or pretty enough or up to their standards. I have been getting better about it though by just being myself around people who will accept me for me. -Leah

    1. As you get older it gets easier....wondering what other people think about you. I noticed that on myself....still don't like talking to strangers though. :P

    2. Really because i enjoy talking with strangers because they most likely wont know anything about your flaws...-Leah

  2. I am afraid of cows. Weird, huh, from a girl raised on/ around farms?
    But, have you looked at those things? They are HUGE!!!
    I can walk up to a penned cow and pet it for hours, but I can not be in the pen with one.
    I am not working on getting over htis, but need to as I'd love to have a milking cow :)

    1. Hahaha....that is weird. I would call myself a city girl and even though I am nervous I'll go in the same pen and have milked a cow a few times before. :)

  3. Meeting strange people in person that I've only met online. ;) Actually...I've only done that once and it turned out pretty good... :)

    1.'re right! I only did it once myself and the girl was pretty nice! ;)


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