May 20, 2013

Nets You Might Get Caught In


Proverbs 12:12 The wicked desireth the net of evil men:
Yesterday we talked about the nets....I know....I mean, what are nets.....they are to catch something right? And normally, whatever is caught won't be happy much longer. So what are some things we can get caught in?
1) Advertisements- The reason we see them everywhere is because they work! Just hearing the sound of the pop and hissing sound when opening a can....don't you suddenly feel like a nice cold coke?

2) Internet- Today it is way to easy to get caught in this world wide web....way to easy we can get a hold of wrong information and land on bad websites.

3) TV- or networks. The TV in itself is not bad.....but the more you sit in front of it you are letting yourself be who? What are you letting come into your home and heart?

4) Politics- I think us young ladies won't be caught up into this too quickly but there is so much exploiting and lying involved.

5) Conspiracy theories- Though I've never really gotten into them they are SUPER interesting. One thing is sure....the way they say things happened on TV are never 100% true. What REALLY happened with the Twin probably was an inside job....but we will never really know and it will not change anything. 

7) Pyramid Schemes- Companies like Amway, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Thirty-One, Herbal Life.....I am NOT against them. I have many lady friends involved in some of these....and would even do some of them....but they should be treated with caution. They ARE a lot of work and if you are not careful you'll be looking at people around you with $$ signs and be willing to speak to complete strangers about Tupperware....but not Jesus Christ. 

What did you learn about in church yesterday?


  1. Great reminders - so many nets, indeed! I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, I love how you capture the green grass and those beautiful poppies...And the nets you mentionned, it's true and it's a great reminder...
    Have a great week !
    PS : sorry for taking so long to answer, we had a church weekend and I had a tough schedule recently ! Hopefully this week I'll get to answer you !

    1. Thank you! I do love poppies!
      Whenever you have time....I'm patiently waiting. ☺

  3. At youth group last night i learned about truth or i trust what trith God is telling me or do i dare to disobey Him an not follow His word. Btw lovely lovely photos!!!-Leah

    1. That is a great approach....truth or dare....sadly many young people dare instead of following truth.

      Thank you for the compliments Leah! ☺


  4. so true! That's why we don't watch TV in our house...
    interesting that you included the Pyramid Schemes, I never really thought about these parties that way but it is true! After a while you start looking at everyone around you as a potential sale and it can hurt relationships. There is one brand out here, though, that is based on Faith - the Thirty-One bags. However, I have only been to a couple of parties and in the end, they didn't talk much about Christ either. Only about their product.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    PS: love the colors in the first picture. The purple centered with the yellow to one side makes it really pop!

    1. I have many friends that are consultants for Thirty-One. I don't think it is there for a witnessing tool or to teach about Christ but for a fun way to make money for stay at home the proverbs 31 woman. One of my friends is a wife to a "to be" missionary and while they are trying to raise support she is a 31 consultant trying to raise money for their move.



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