May 13, 2013

The Game of Life

...was a German holiday.  After I did some classes & had lunch we went on a long walk in nature. The weather was gorgeous and we had fun enjoying the beautiful scenery and taking some fun'll see some more soon. ☺

...Friends from church offered us their old garden furniture. We gladly took it and decided to sell our furniture because it needed work and we just never get around to it. 

It's a great story actually. I took some pics and put them on site much like Greg's list. I really wanted to sell the furniture quick so I prayed that the Lord would bless the ad. That very day we had 3 offers....the next day it was picked up....the day we go our new furniture.

I mean within a couple of minutes....the one couple picked up the furniture and after they drove away our friends drove into our parking lot to bring the new furniture. God is good!

Later that day we went over to our friends house and played some games....including the Game of Life. In the game one of our friends had SIX kids....and she landed on the field "Send your children to college. Pay $50,000 per child".

....Mother's day was a busy but nice Sunday. Lots of hugs, flowers & laughing.

What were you up to this Weekend?


  1. Hi Luv,

    found your blog on iblog4 and your title caught my eye. I also saw you have modesty tags *yay* Looking forward to reading your blog!!!

    We serve an awesome God!! Just this morning I heard on the radio how God answer all prayers in His will. He's great!!

    PS: I love the first picture with the barefeet including the dog :)

    1. Hi Bibi!

      Your name sounds very German...are you!? 'Cause I am German, too! Thank you for following my blog! Love meeting and getting to know new like minded people!

      The Lord is an awesome God and I am always surprised at how much he wants to be involved in the little details of our life.

      Hahahaha...thanks for the compliments. I'm lovin' the bare feet too....first warm enough day to take off those shoes and go barefoot!


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