May 02, 2013

Date- Indoor Picnic & A Day Off

Our date night for April....was suppose to be an outdoor picnic...but the rain made us do an indoor picnic instead. We had a lot of fun....our activity was planning a (fake) vacation to...Italy....6 days in Venice and 8 days in Rome. ☺ Surprisingly this was A LOT of fun and next time we are taking a "trip" to Alaska.

May 1st is a holiday in Germany....its our labor day and we made it special. We slept in, relaxed, grilled and I made a goodlookin' & tastin' cake.

Have you grilled yet?

PS: I'll be Guest Hosting a link up tomorrow!!! So get your posts ready for tomorrow and join the fun!


  1. Hey there! Here from the Blog Hop and I just liked your Facebook page :o) Hope you'll get a chance to visit my page; you can find me here:


  2. Woah! Do you have a swing indoors? (the last photo...) :)

    1. The swing is on our terrace. As a kid I always wanted one!!! :P Still would be know those swinging seats?

  3. Fun!!!!! and your look soooo pretty in those photos!!!-Leah


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