May 15, 2013

May Photo Challenge Part I

On Facebook I announced that I would be doing a photography challenge....on my own....just for fun. It challenges me to take pictures of things I would normally not think can see the challenge HERE.

{Day One} Flowers
{Day Two} Fill the frame
{Day Three} The number 3
{Day Four} Wind

{Day Five} Strawberries
{Day Six} A part or piece
{Day Seven} A pair
{Day Eight} Mom
{Day Nine} A child's toy
{Day Ten} Action
{Day Eleven} Black & White
{Day Twelve} Hanging
{Day Thirteen} Unlucky
{Day Fourteen} Fly a Kite
{Day Fifteen} Dinner

Join the Fun!

Which picture is your favorite of the challenge? What would you have done differently in some pictures?


  1. I love Wind and Black and White. There is just something so sweet about blowing dandelions. I hope he made a wish...that's what I always told my kids!

    1. Thank you! I still love blowing dandelions too and like making wishes. The little boy in the picture blew so many dandelions that day. ☺ He may have done a wish on the first one... ☺


  2. nice pictures. i love the kite photo. i'll put FREEDOM as the caption. Kites always symbolized freedom for me, the ability to soar and unlimited potential.


    1. Thank you! Your right....Freedom would be a great caption. The kite picture has become a favorite of mine!


  3. Stopping by from SITS. I tried the photo challenge this month. I think I made it to day 6. I'm really hoping I can stick with it next month.

    1. Still take pictures this month! Even if you haven't been doing it try your best to continue!! Its a great challenge!

  4. Asparagus - yum! And I used to play the same Sonata on my flute, lol. Great pictures, I might have to join in ;) would I do the same like yours, eg. mom, in the frame etc?

  5. You play flute? I do too! I am practicing that piece on the piano though so I can play with a friend from church.

    Sure join me on the photo challenge....its more fun with more people! You can either catch up or just continue with the second half of the challenge and then link up when I post the other half! Did you see the challenge sheet on FB?


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