May 30, 2013

♪♫ How Do You Solve a Problem like....Cassara ♪♫

Today I "re-found" this video.... My freshman year I was "live" at my college and made many wonderful friends! One friend at college had a heart of gold but was full of craziness...☺ She was especially close to my roommate and we wanted to do something special. Who knows how this thought was started but as we laughed about the idea we knew we had to make this joke reality! 
♪ "How do solve a problem like Cassara..."♫ 

So my roommate wrote the text, I looked for some karaoke music online and  tweaked the text. We had planned on singing it together with all the other students but many "couldn't do it". My roommate and I had put so much work in it and we really wanted to sing it.....So on the last day of school for the year, after we cleaned, packed and were dead tired......we decided to record it and give it to her as a video.
Out we pulled skirts & dark slips for our nun look

 Precede with Caution

Have you ever done something crazy for a friend? What did you do?

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  1. Wonderful video! Your friend must have been really touched.


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