May 27, 2013

3 Places a Christian Should Feel at Home

Yesterday's sermon was about the 3 places a Christian should feel at home. A House is not a Home. Four walls with a roof and furniture does not make it a place you call takes more. You need to make a house yours in order for it to be a home. A home is a place that you feel comfortable.... the place in which our affections are centered. 
So what are the three places a Christian should feel at home at?

#1- Our Earthly Home
We all should strive to have a God-centered home. We should have clear guidelines in order to live peaceably together. Even though "familiarity breeds contempt" we should strive to be disciplined and show love and respect to each other. We are different from the world and should have higher goals and always strive to reach a higher standard.

#2- Our Spiritual Home
Our spiritual home is our church family. A good church should will feed you spiritually and challenge you to become a better Christian. Since there is such a large variety of people with different backgrounds in church, we learn to deal and get along with lots different people. A good church should get you ready for the week ahead in the world.
Like a piece of coal will cool off quickly away from the fire so a christian will cool off quickly if he's away from his church family.

#3- Our Heavenly Home
This is our home in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the most important Home....for without it we would not have a church family or a christian earthly home. The things we do now will affect our heavenly home.....what are you doing to prepare and "furnish" your heavenly home?

What did you learn about yesterday?
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  1. I like all of the pics and I must admit that I am currently not at peace with my earthly home. It makes me sad so metimes but God has blessed me to be able to move soon and hopefully I will find peace and tranqyility there.

    1. Hope everything smooths out soon! Thank you for visiting.


  2. I like the one with the raindrops resting on the grass :)

    So true about the heavenly home!

    1. Really? I thought the grass one was the most boring...hahahaha...but that one was Patrick's favorite, too!

  3. Such a great reminder. And such lovely pictures! I really like the first one. It's definitely my favorite. And don't you just love walking in the rain? It's one of my favorite things to do. When it starts raining, I'm itching to go outside. With an umbrella of course! ;)

    1. The rain is nice....I would have liked better weather to walk to church for 30 minutes but I had a great time taking pictures.... ☺

  4. Those pictures are gorgeous!


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