June 08, 2013

Are you surprised even though you prayed for it?

A while back Patrick was reading his Bible when we started talking about that story when Peter was in prison and God got him out. The story is amazing!

Peter has been taken prisoner. There he is between two guards.... sleeping. Suddenly his chains on his arms fall off and the angel says for him to get up and walk out. When he came to the door it suddenly opened...and they didn't have automatic doors back then.☺

The story goes on to say that Peter went to the house he knew his friends and the church were at praying for him. Still confused and fearful he knocks at the door......

....The people were praying for him to be delivered. But when they heard the knock they did not believe Peter would be standing in front of the door. They did not believe he could be out of jail. 

Were they praying but did not believe God could get Peter out?

Before we shake our heads at them lets look at our own prayer life. How many times have we prayed for something or someone but secretly we didn't believe God would come through. Oh yes, God "can do all things" but will he? Is he listening to my prayers? That is where faith ends. We don't believe God will come through. What are the odds of the situation? Maybe many.....

Let us look at this story and learn.... GOD CAN! Pray and have FAITH!

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  1. This is really true! And there are some verses in the Bible that talk about it is our faith that God can and will do it that is how He answers the prayer! I mean think about the healing of every person in the Bible- it was because of their faith! We need to believe in what we are praying for! Thanks for this!

    1. Yes!!! What makes God "come out of his throne" is when we step out on faith!


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