June 19, 2013

My Birthday

First of all I want to thank everyone that participated in my giveaway! I had lots of fun and wish I could design new blogs for all of you!! 

The winners were contacted and cannot wait to collect ideas and start designing.

My real birthday was very very hot....and very very nice!

walking Paxton in the vineyards
Eating my favorite cereal my dad sent me....marshmallow mateys
Patrick helped my mom pick cherries at her job & helped me clean the school....and rode his bike everywhere. THANK YOU Honey!
My mommy and I
My birds came downstairs to cool down. Boy does it get HOT upstairs!!!
Beautiful flowers!!
At a store........☺ Yes, we look real sweaty. :P
Yummy dessert: Cherry muffins, icecream & homemade ice coffee...Mhmmmmm.

I have a picture of Patrick wearing my new girly summer hat & me a bright pink shower cap....you want to see it? If enough people comment I will.... ☺


  1. Wow!! Looks like you had a great time!!! You and Patrick look so happy together!!! (You two must get married!) and um yes i would looooooooove to see that picture!!! I am commenting for 1000 people!!! Is that enough? Have a great rest of the week!!! Ps those sunglasses are adorable! PPs i may have to pin some of these pictures!-Leah

    1. Thank you! I did have a great time. :D We do plan on getting married. Just pray this job works out....and engagement and wedding will follow soon! ♥

      Hahahahaha....we shall see if your 1000 comments are enough. :D Thank you for your compliments on the sunglasses....you'll see a tutoorial on how I made it this cute. :)

      Go ahead and pin whichever you want. :) All my pics have a pin it button.

  2. Love your sunglasses!! :) They are so you! :) The colour is gorgeous. Looks like you had a fun birthday! I am so glad. :)

  3. Love those shades!!! Great color on you. I would love to see that other picture too. Great post!

  4. Happy belated birthday Iris! And congratulations on being featured on SITS!
    Glad to meet another sister in Christ across the ocean, have a super blessed day!

    1. It's always a blessing to meet a Sister in Christ.....thank you for visiting!! ☺


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