February 25, 2015

Technic Museum

Patrick and I on the following Thursday (after the Titanic Museum) went to the Technik Museum in Speyer. Follow the link to see their little video and see how cool it is....

Saw it? Cool, isn't it?

Patrick and I had an awesome day. Since I was super hot in the last Museum I dressed cooler....bad idea. Most of the cool stuff was outside and it was freezing and windy. On top of that I forgot my camera at home and had to take as many pictures as I could before my phone died. Other than that I had a great time. Most fun thing for me was hanging out with my best friend but I must say that the submarine was very interesting. It was not fun climbing into....and the ladder was SOOO cold. Seeing and experiencing the tight quarters was an special!

We also enjoyed there Dom IMAX cinema. There  we watched a documentary on dolphines. Very interesting!

I like going to just about any Museum. How about you?

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