February 27, 2015

6 Month Anniversary Photography

Ever since Christmas I've been wanting to take some "professional" pictures but just didn't have time and it just was to cold. But in time for our 6 month anniversary it worked out....and the sun came out!! The sun inspires me to take pictures. And Pinterest gave me many ideas on poses.
Which is your favorite?

Love how this turned out!


Pinterest inspired...

Also Pinterest inspired

"Stole" this banner from my Valentine's mantle....lol

Right before the kiss photo...so....passionate looking lol

Having way to much fun!

Pssssst....don't look. Private moment.

Love how my camera stand I got for Christmas made this so much easier and opened so many more possibilities.  And I am telling you Pinterest is my biggest place for inspiration..... I just looked for couple photography ideas and saved my favorites on my phone so I could look them up during our photo shoot.

So which one do you like?


  1. They are all amazing, you did a great job!

  2. Awww, you two are just beautiful. So young and happy and in love. :-)

  3. Good idea to put the potential poses on your phone - I need to do something like that for the next time I take posed pictures of people!
    I like how the first picture turned out too! I'm not usually a fan of full-on kissing pics (just a personal taste thing), but I love how the dog is looking up at the 2 of you!
    Great photos - and neat that Patrick is willing to be a part of your photo shoots! Not every guy would be!

    1. Yeah, I always forget the ideas I found....so saving them was perfect!

      Patrick is such a great husband. ☺ Love our pictures.

  4. An amazing set of photos.

    I like the top one best. I didn't realise you had a dog. It is wonderful how he/she is captured looking lovingly at you both as you enjoy a special moment

  5. How adorable - 6 months! You guys are so cute


  6. cute photos and congrats on Patrick getting his visa. I bet that is a big relief for you all! Happy 6 months!

    1. We are definitely relieved! Thank you for the compliments. ☺


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