June 19, 2012

A Rabbit falling from Heaven

Last week I wrote on Tuesday's thoughts about how God is our father. What special thing about God the father is that he not only takes care of our needs but so many times he also takes care of our wants.  Here is the story of how a rabbit fell out of haven.

As long as I can remember I have always like animals and I remember being five years old and every night I prayed to have a pet. At age nine the Lord opened a few door within a few months and ended up having a dog, two birds and a rabbit. Talk about blessing me! For each year I waited an animal. ☺ On the left you see a picture of me and my very first own pet. The dog and birds mainly belonged to others in the family but this brown little bunny named "Hoppeline" (Hop with a female suffix in German).

This little girl was one crazy rabbit but we learned together. I learned to take of a pet and she learned....well she was mean and lots a fun. ☺ Well after three and a half years she became sick and died in my mom's arms with me right beside her. My little bunny, who loved riding the car, attacked me each and every time my hand went into the cage, snuggled in my arm and loved rabbit drops was gone. Of course I wanted a new rabbit and that is where the rabbit that fell from heaven comes in.

I remember driving home from school with my mom one day.  As we driving in our little red car I brought of the subject at how much I missed my little rabbit and would love to have a new one. I checked how much rabbits cost in the store and maybe we could get one?!?

My mom said.....no, if the Lord wanted us to have another rabbit he would give it to us for free. I was very very upset. I was looking forward to buying a rabbit and I really wanted one soon! Well, upset and angry with my mom I said the famous words:

"Rabbits don't just fall out of the sky!"

That conversation was closed and a few months past. We went to visit old friends and neighbors for their birthday. It was an all day event and my mom and I wanted to take a walk out in the country because its just soooo beautiful out there. On the way we passed a farm and stopped to say hello to the owners because we had become acquaintances from our past walks with our dog.

We looked at the few sheep, said hello to their dog, watched the horse graze and then the farmer led us to his rabbits. I stood there looking at these sweet big rabbits with their little babies that would be made fat and eaten at the end of the year. The farmer asked if this one particular rabbit looked like mine. This is when my mom and I told him that mine died awhile back. He asked if we wanted another one and said we do want to get one eventually.

(And suddenly...falling through the sky....) The farmer leans down and opens a cage on the very bottom. He asked "I have a rabbit right here that you can have. It's actually a pet rabbit that someone brought me because they didn't want it anymore. You can have it if your interested" ☺☺☺

(....landing straight into my arms) I leaned down, reached my hands expecting to be hit by the rabbit because that is what my old rabbit always did but this one let me pick it up. I held it in my arms. It was bigger than my last one and then....it started licking me.

It looked like an Oreo cookie so I called it Oreo. Then since God gave it to me I called it Samuel (=God has heard) but a few months later we found out that it was a girl and she was Samantha since then. I introduce:

Samantha Oreo

Bunny love ♥

We match like really good friends! ☺

I know lollipops aren't good for pets. She only had a few licks. ☺

I have had two more rabbits and a dog after her and have never had a pet that loved me as much as she did. She would greet me by running to me when I came home. She would sit whereever I was. Every morning she would hop in my bed and want to snuggle for a little but. She was always licking me and trying to clean her best friend- ME.

She has taught me a few lessons in her life bit I will leave those for another time.

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  1. I love bunnies too! I had 3 growing up!

    1. One day, when I have more time and a place outside I want to get a bunny again. I miss them. :(

      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. What a sweet story. My oldest son has four rabbits. We have a cute one that looks like Oreo. We call him Texan and he is just as sweet. Two of my son's rabbits are mini-rexes he bought for breeding. So, I'm guessing we'll soon have many, many rabbits. Ha.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You have a lovely place here with a very unique story. Among blogs, that is. I look forward to reading more. Blessings!

    1. Rabbits are so much fun and I hope you enjoy the continuation of our Long Distant Love Story. :)


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