June 18, 2012

A silver envelope

So what do you think of this beautiful gift that I received??? Don't you think Patrick has excellent taste? ☺

I finally got to open Patrick's present after months of teasing "how much I'll like it", waiting forever for it to get here, and then having to pay to get my package from customs. I was FINALLY allowed to open this beautiful gift!

 Wonder what it is..... a necklace with a envelope locket!!!

 Let me put it on right away!!!

And Here are some more pictures I took. ☺♥

What I truly like about this envelope locket is that it represents our Long Distant Relationship. People write letters when they are apart which has been most of our relationship.Looking at the locket reminds me how far away my Love is yet how close we have become and how special our love is. No matter what we go through our love will be "Always & Forever".

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