June 16, 2012

Paying customs ~ Looking at Flights & more LDR fun

Paying Customs

So, Iris has been waiting and waiting for her birthday gift to get there in time. A few days ago Iris says to me "Honey, your gift is KINDA here" Of course I was totally confused at what that was suppose to mean. She explained that she received a letter from the post office stating that she needed to get her package from customs. She was to bring the receipt, the paper she got and money to pay taxes.

A friend drove me there and I really had no idea what to expect but they explained everything well. When I got there I showed them my paper and they got my package from the back room. It was slightly ripped and they made me open it infront of them. I was a little annoyed since this gift was suppose to be a surprise and now I knew how much it cost and had to open it up as well. I told them it was a birthday gift and they were really sweet and opened it in a way so that I could not see it. ☺ So I still don't know what it is and have to wait to open it.  Hmmmmmm???

Well, on top of having to open up my package for them I had to pay a certain percentage of my own gift!!! Thankfully they saw that I had not ordered this myself but my boyfriend had and so I had to pay a little less. After paying the money I got this impressive stamp on my paper.

Anyway, I can't wait to share with you what I got!!! Be sure to come back next Saturday... or earlier if I can't wait to share!☺

Looking at Flights

So Iris and I might be seeing each other earlier than we thought! We had been planning a visit for awhile but for various reasons we could not really settle on dates yet. This past week we finally settle on some dates and are trying to look for a cheap flight. Iris will try to be here for my churches music school. She has always wanted to go to something like that and since I have told her much about our music school, she probably is actually coming!!! We are so excited.... can you see??

We were looking at the different airlines now, seeing which one is the cheapest. Wonder which one it will be.

More Fun

I had this idea to sing together like we sometimes do (Patrick doesn't hear me- I have my mic on mute- It doesn't work any other way because of the 3 second lagg) and I record it.  What do you think? :D

Oh and I found these: P & I don't know how I'll decorate them yet but it definitely will be some summer fun.

Do you have any plans for the summer? We would love to know!

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  1. That video was the sweetest! One of my favorite songs, and how special to be able to join together with your talents from so far away.
    Thank you so much for sharing that! I was blessed.

    Happy birthday Iris! Quite the customs adventure:)

    1. It definitely was an adventure! :D Thank you for the birthday wishes.


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