June 24, 2012

Summer "Wishlist"

So summer is finally here and four weeks of it Iris and I will spend together!!! It will be be about 7 months since we last saw each other and we cannot wait to actually see each other live again. Sometimes it seems so unbelievable that this person we talk to every day in Skype, share our sorrows, hopes and dreams, the person we tell everything is actually a real human being. ☺ This may sound funny but it is true and you could probably only understand if you have been in a LDR.

With the visit coming up soon we have of course talked about things we want to do together as well as things we personally just want to get done. I've been seeing quite a few people on other blogs creating summer bucket lists. This really is not a bucket list but some things we are planning on doing. Some things might never happen...but our enthusiasm is up... So here we go:

  • Iris coming
  • Go to the Rymond
  • Going to to Mammoth cave with Iris & friends
  • Plan my trip to Germany
  • Move out of apartment
  • Sell most of my stuff
  • Introduce Iris to my churches Music school
  • Take Iris to a waterfall
  • Play music with my brothers before I leave to Germany

  • See my HONEY
  • Visit my Dad
  • A big blog change....
  • Sew my patchwork quilt
  • Prepare some sewing tutorials
  • Go to the Rymond
  • Go to the Grand Ol' Opry
  • Meet some friends
  • Write many friends
  • Read some Jane Austen books (never read any of her books)
  • Get to know Patrick's family better
  • Take lots of pictures

Ok I could go on but I'll stop here ☺

What are you planning to do this summer? Have you created a "Summer-To-Do-List"? What are some things you want to do?

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