June 05, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts: More Thankfulness to God

Do you remember the story of the creditor and the two debtors. Two men were indebted to a rich man. He had loaned them both some money awhile back. Lets just say that one loaned $500, whereas the other had needed a little more. His debt counted $5,000. The date the money was due, rolled around and both were not even close to having the money to pay their debt. The one still hadn't found a job and the other's business was still struggling to get off the ground.

The creditor had a choice. He could imprison them, raise the interest, continue to wait for them to pay...or forgive the debt. The creditor probably knew that these honest men were doing their best and he had enough money to spare...he would just forgive them.

When the two debtors stood in front of the creditor that day trembling at what his decision would be, the last thing they expected was to here the words: "I forgive your debt. Your record is clear. You cannot pay for your debt yourself so I'll pay it!"

I know those two men went home with a skip in their step. FORGIVEN!

 Jesus ask an important question at the end of this parable: "Which of them will love him [the creditor] most?" The answer was "He to whom he forgave most".

The same is true for born again believers. We all have stood at the foot of the cross unable to pay our sin-debt. Some have sinned a little whereas others may have more baggage but both were unable to pay. Christ cried on the cross: IT IS FINISHED!" The debt was paid. FORGIVEN:

Far to often believers that grew up in a Christian homes or just were good people seem to have less love and zeal for Christ and his word than those that brought a lot of baggage to the foot of the cross. The Lord can and will use both but I am talking to those that see themselves as "good enough". We have an advantage! Why not use it. We don't have years of sin hounding us. We can be a great example to many people if we wouldn't sit in our comfort zone but show some zeal!

To often we think: "I go to church, live a clean life, read my Bible, tithe, pray, etc" but what else do we do for the Lord. Do you go out of your comfort zone? Teach a Sunday school, do the nursery, invite visitors from church, sing a special,  witness, witness, witness???

It is time for us to get out of our comfort zone and show more zeal in the work of the Lord. This is how you can say thank you to Jesus Christ who paid your debt and gave FORGIVENESS.


  1. Hi, Iris! Nice to meet you! I spent quite a while on your blog yesterday! I love reading y'all's story...and it makes me even more thankful to have my guy close. I can't imagine the struggles of your LDR. I'll be praying for you both!

    If I remember correctly from all the reading I did yesterday...didn't you mention Bro. Castellaw? We get his prayer letter (through Bible Baptist Missions) each month. A missionary on deputation (going to Germany) just came through our church a few weeks ago, and I believe he said he'd be doing some work with Bro. Castellaw...his name was Robert Trump.

    Anyway, it does seem like we have an awful lot in common! If you'd like to email me directly, my email is fiddlegirl89@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!


  2. Thanks for sharing this story. I'm one who basically didn't grow up in the church, and how I wish I had no baggage. It is a gift to have grown up in the church!

    1. It is a wonderful gift and I wish more young people would see it as that!



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