October 03, 2012

Denim with Petrol & Purple

 What I Wore Wednesday # 6

I used to be a denim skirt and T-shirt girl. Anything and everything matches denim. Its easy to figure out what to wear. Going to college changed that habit. No denim was allowed to classes and Saturday's I was involved in a ministry and denim wasn't allowed either. Sunday was church...no denim. Anyway, I had to find other clothes to wear. I still enjoy denim though I rarely wear it anymore...here is a denim outfit. ☺

Don't you just love that dark turquoise color! I love it. That peacock was birthday gift and brings such flair to the outfit.

Skirt: gifted (meirose)
Sweater: gifted (apostroph)
Shirt: thrifted (meirose)
Earings- Charming Charlie
Peacock: gifted (Bijou Brigitte)


  1. I love Denim, and wear it all the time. Haha Guess i am just a dag like that! :) Cute outfit love your sweater too! :) Of course, purple being one of my fav colours. :) Hehe

  2. Very cute outfit. LOVE the peacock and I absolutely love long denim skirts. Unfortunately I am tall and have trouble finding long skirts which are long enough

    1. Hehe...don't have that problem...I step on most on my skirts because I'm short.

      I still enjoy wearing denim...its just so comfortable!

  3. Hi Iris,

    I love your blog. What exactly is your college situation? You mentioned online classes in the past, but today you mentioned going in?

    In Christ,
    Erica Christine

    1. Sorry Erica, I have been confusing. I was on campus for one year but decided, for various reasons to continue my degree (with the same college) through their correspondence courses.

      I'm glad you enjoy my blog! ☺


  4. i am a "dress reform" convert and am loving your combinations of long skirts dresses, longish sleeved tops. Please do put up more because i kinda struggle to put things together. :)

    1. Emjay, your comment is such a blessing to me. I show my outfits to inspire people to dress flattering and modest and not to show off. Your comment let me know that that is exactly what I am doing! ☺♥

      Do I understand correctly, with "dress reform" convert do you mean you have started to only wear dresses? I only wear skirts & dresses as well. ☺

      I will definitely keep coming with new outfits! Mostly long sleeves now since its getting cold.

  5. I don't know what I would do without denim, haha. But I also love to dress up, so maybe it actually wouldn't be that bad! I LOVE that purple cardigan by the way :)
    Thanks for linking up to Sunday Style!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  6. Oh my, I wear denim skirts all the time! Love the colors together as well!

    1. Denim is so easy to work with! :)


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