October 02, 2012

Updated Box & Letters

Awhile back I told you that I had found this box in someones trash. You can see it {here}. Well this weekend I finally got around to painting it. I still haven't finished the inside but I am one step closer to getting it done.

Here you can see my progress:

Then a VERY VERY long time ago I had bought {these} letters. I didn't know how I wanted to decorate them but I fell in love with the letters wrapped with twine that I saw on pinterest. I had bought twine for a different project and still had lots of twine left and this is how far I've come....

I am excited to finish the "P" and then the "I"...one day I will buy and "&". Hmmmmmm...Can't wait to see these hanging in our home some day..........♥♥♥


  1. Super cute! :) Love the box. Cant wait to see the inside. :) Also, the letters are cute! I think hat is sort of how i made my S for our front door wreath. Speaking of i still need to put that up! Haha And glue it altogether. Oh boy. :) Good job!

  2. I love both projects. I've been umming and ahhing with making a twine letter but it looks very fiddly. Do you glue the twine down?

    1. I do have to glue some parts like the curves on the P to keep it straight. Some parts like the stem I just wrapped tightly.

      After doing and redoing it a few time I found it works best this way. :)


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