October 27, 2012

The First week

 Last week Thursday Patrick landed in Germany. When he got on the plane in Houston, TX to come to Germany they had everyone get off again because the airplane had a leak that couldn't be fixed. This of course meant...finding a new plane....and a 3 hour delay. In Germany he then landed "on time" but then they had problems with the baggage so finally, after 4 hours delay I saw this handsome man with Aussie hat come  walk toward me.☺

Sorry for the bad quality. When I had time to focus Patrick turned his back and then there was a lot of movement.

At home Patrick got freshened up, we ate some lunch and then he took a nap. I wish I could show you guys the picture of him sleeping but he won't let me. ☺ Bellow I had my grandma take a picture of us two. Our first picture together in Germany.

Friday we had a slow day. My plan has been to take a picture of us every day...well I already forgot on the second day. ☺ On Saturday we were both invited to go with friends to an amusement park. Here we are on our way "bright and early" (at least for me on a Saturday) ☺

My other friend took lots of funny pictures I had hoped to show here but that will have to wait for another time.

So what are we doing now?

Right now the plan is for Patrick to go to German language school. The name of the school is called "Volkshochschule". The literal translation would be "Folks high school" but normally you would call it an adult learning center. Here he is taking an intensive learning course in German. Its 4 hours of school every  morning. He has been doing really well. He's had 4 days of school and he already is conjugating words and doing it well! When I took French I knew the rules and that is how I conjugated and created sentences. I can tell Patrick is doing it by ear. He kinda knows if it sounds good or not...and that is great! I am really proud of him because he is catching on quick. ♥☺

Please continue to keep him/ us in your prayers. Pray he continues to learn the language quickly, Wisdom with visa, Find a CHEAP apartment that is in a good location for public transportation and....a job!

On the left you see the building Patrick is taking classes in. ☺

♪♫ We're smiling in the rain...smiling in the rain ♪♫

By the way, this has nothing to do with our relationship but it has gotten COLD. We actually have snow up in the hills, its bellow freezing and .....it only October. We will have one looooooong winter!

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