October 30, 2012

Vintage Suitcase & more

Through friends we learned of this little store where you can bring your old clothes and other household items. You can also buy those things for very very cheap OR you can bring things and exchange for free! My family has been crazy about this. We had so much clothes from us and others that we didn't want and now we can get rid of them and get new things!

My whole family has found some great clothes and shoes. We also got a lot of great things for Patrick but sometimes my eyes catches some other things such as.....

This vintage suitcase:

Lots of doilies so I can make this runner I saw on pinterest.

This beautiful coffee pot.

A plaid backpack ♥ Who else fell in love??

And this pretty Scottish dress....maybe you'll see it on a WIWW post

Hats for me and Patrick...

  Have you gotten any bargains lately?


  1. Love all those gorgeous finds! I'm soo jealous over that suitcase, though! Well, that and the Scottish kilt-dress... are you going to put Patrick in your WIWW? ;)

    1. Hahaha...I should put him in some of my WIWW...I normally take the pics in the morning though when I walk the dog.

    2. So cute!! :) I love the doilies and the teapot. Everything is cute, great finds! :) The hats are cute, too. Hehe I love finding great stuff like that! Well done. :) The doilie runner looks so cute, too! :)


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