April 05, 2013

Deep Cleaning & Room Tour

You know when you are super busy and things just get out of hand?....that happened to me and on top of that, the way my room was set up....I liked it but now it was just getting on my nerves. I felt like I was pumping into something every time I turned around...I felt boxed in.....so yesterday I decided to change around my room and do a really good deep clean. My bedding and my curtains were washed and every little thing was moved and dusted....the things under the bed...ahem....were pretty bad....

Here are my two Before pictures....I didn't even do my bed or anything for these pictures:

And here is my lovely after....
How do you like my new owl called "Who"?
"Le livre"→still have that left from my french classes...can you guess what it means?
I am one happy girl!!


  1. This room is so cool! what a great space you have !! LOve it!


  2. Lovely! You wanna do mine now??

  3. Ahh, this is lovely! (:

    I sort of wish you would come and organize mine, too!

    Cute blog, found you through Casey leigh!


  4. I love your room : It's nice to see that yours is as little as mine ! I love seeing this little pillows and that owl is soooo adorable !
    "Le livre"...I guess I know what it means ;-)
    Have an awesome weekend dear Iris !

  5. You did such a beautiful job! I love your room and your owl "Who" just made me smile! So adorable! Thank you for coming by and linking up to my blog. Loved "meeting" you and reading your blog.

    Blessings - Julie

    1. Thank you! So you like owls too?

      Glad you came by and visited...and followed!


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