April 13, 2013

Goals 2013 // Week Fifteen

→Be more efficient with my time- Lots of sleep, visiting friends & sewing...pretty good I think
→A glass of water every day-Not every day but just about....either a glass of water right in the morning or sometimes right before I go to bed.
→Play piano 4x a week- Just about...been practicing some classical pieces...not my thing but I like the challenge.
→Play violin once a week- Ummmmm...nope
→Exercise 15 minutes- *sigh* nope
→Pass out a tract- Nope

 I get 50% today....what grade would you get at your school? I'd get an F....bad bad bad.


  1. I think the fact that you are even writing down your goals gives you an A+!! You're doing great!

    I can't believe how talented you are - I saw the post where you changed a night shirt into a day shirt and I'm just amazed! That is so cute and you have so much talent to know how to do that! Wow!

    Blessings - Julie

  2. You need to drink more water than that!! hahahaha....So, what's your drink of choice then? I'm such a huge soda drinker, a huge weakness.


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