April 30, 2013

Goals 2013 // Monthly Update April

read a book every month-I still have not finished Shadow of the Almighty...eventually I will. I started two books for school last month Competent to Counsel by Adams and Guide to Successful Christian Teaching by Ardell Jacquot. Both are really interesting (even if it is for school) and I can really recommend Guide to Successful... to anyone that does any form of teaching be it homeschool, Sundayschool, etc
create something once a month (digital, crafting, sewing)- This is probably the reason I haven't read much....I have been creating as we can see here, here, and here and I sewed the owls for the giveaway!

1 guest post/month- Last month I had many guest posts....this month I didn't have any. :( →1 vlog/ month- Yes! The link up I did and I talked about what my passions are.  

practice one song a month together- Sadly no, we'll play music or just have fun together but even that was scarce this month. *sigh*
continue monthly date night - Yes, tonight...hahahaha. I know this is the last day in month but we planned a date night for today and looking forward to it....pictures coming. ☺ 

Guess what I am doing right now....nope, not school....I am baking a cake....Mhmmmmmm. ☺


  1. Great goals. I use to read a book a month, but so busy now it more like every 2 months!

    Ali of


    1. Yeah, the only way I keep this goal is because I have to read a few books for my semester classes.



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