April 11, 2013

6 Ways to Save Photos

I don't know about you but I love pictures. I am more of a nature photographer but if we are out and about you'll see me walking, camera in hand looking for a good picture....of the things around me, the time together and of us.....

After a long day of fun with family and friends you come home with 200+ pictures from your outing....what do you do. What can you do? How do you keep them handy? How do you best share them with others?

Save it in a folder

I think this is the most common. We download our pictures from the camera onto the computer and that is where it stays. A few of our favorite pictures may be edited and then uploaded to our blogs or Facebook and that is it. When we want to look at them we (hopefully) know where they are.

Save it on a CD or external drive

So some of us want to be safe and save our (favorite) pictures to a CD and keep it somewhere so we can have access to it when we need it but they don't take any space on the computer and if your computer crashes....nothing happens to your wonderful memories.

Save it in a Photo box

I love those....I think that is how I'll be saving my pictures most of the time. Print out my favorite pictures, throw them in the box with other fun things from the trip (tickets, salt pack, a leaf, brochure) and the CD with all the pictures...done! Simple and organized....I guess....in a messy way.

Normal Photo Album

You know those simple albums you just slip in the pictures in chronological order and your done? We all have those....maybe your baby pictures are saved like that. I am doing that for my "Relationship Album". As time passes I  print out my favorite pictures of Patrick and I and add it in the album...one day it'll be at my wedding and guests can look at it and see our memories of our past together.


Scrapbooking is lots of fun and lots of work. My friend Marie scrapbooks her life week by week...Its so pretty and makes those special moments captured in pictures so much sweeter. I personally don't take the time to do it but I have done it here and there and it's a lot of fun. Patrick's mom does a lo of scrapbooking and it just makes those pictures so much more fun!


I have never created a photobook but some of my friends have them and they are great. What a great way to save special memories: be it a wedding, special birthday, babies first year or any other special event.
Books can easily be stored for example on your livingroom table. They are great to put into the hands of family, friends and visitors or make great gifts for parents, grandparents and far away family.

Many Asukabook Photobooks have a little pockets in the back to store a CD with all the pictures of the event. Some are even a DVD Presentation book that creates your memories into a DVD with a beautiful picture cover.

Asukabook Photobooks come in so many styles and sizes. They can have a casual feel and be very simple other books look extremely elegant and professional.

So now you tell me: How do you like to save your memories? In this time of digital photos...do you take the time to print your favorite pictures out?


  1. Now that I have a baby I take a billion pictures!! I have been thinking that I need to find a way to organize and store all the pictures! I swear this post was written just for me! So thank you for sharing :)

    1. 'm glad I was able to give you some idea about saving pictures. I love taking pictures all the time....I don't even want to know how I'll be once I have a baby. hahaha!


  2. Wow I feel so honored to be mentionned on your blog ! Thank you so much !
    Blessings !

    1. Oh, you are welcome! You do such an amazing job and its a great example for scrapbooking! :)

  3. Photobooking!! It makes it so easy to have a ton of pictures in one slim book. My child has a few volumes :) Great reminder to save those photos!! They are precious :) Visiting from SITS today!

  4. Over time, I've done a little bit of all of these! And my photos still aren't organized the way I'd like them to be! I love pictures, and I print my favorites, but they often end up in a stack... I found your blog through SITS. It's so lovely. My 19 year old daughter loves nature photography, and I have been getting more into it now too, thanks to her. Before, people were always my main subject. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Hahahaha....to be honest my photos aren't organized either....though my favorite way is the photo boxes.

      Nature photography is fun...I am trying to do more people now.


  5. i will!! i hope it goes well! i totally will be praying! -Leah


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