November 14, 2013

How to Add Clickable Links to Blog Comments

So today I am sharing with you a sweet little trick I learned a few months ago. 

We all leave comments. It's a proven fact....comments bring new people to our blog. Many of you, like I used to, leave your blog URLs like this The problem is the only way someone will visit is if they copy and past your URL. 

People are lazy and don't do it.


Today I want to share with you the secret of leaving CLICKABLE links!!

Are you ready?

<a href="">The Blue Birdhouse</a>

Yep, that's it! Not complicated.

<a href="http://YOUR URL">Your Blog's Name</a>

Try it out and leave me your blog's link!


  1. Aaaaah someone else discovered my secret! :( lol jk, it was bound to get out some day anyways! :p Now everyone will be doing it!

  2. Thank you. I was not sure how to do this. This helps.

  3. I'm not a "mommy" blogger, I'm a "grandmommy" blogger and love learning how to make my blog better. Can you tell by the blog name - Retire for the Fun of it, that I'm enjoying everything I'm learning?

    Thanks for this information, Retire for the Fun of it


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