November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

The next of Thankful Thursday this November....

Day 8: I am THANKFUL for my laptop computer. It's been my faithful friend for 4 years now. It was the first real computer in my home & my first computer. period. Because of it, we got internet in our home.
It's been with me all through college.....and was there faithfully during my long distant relationship. There were days it did not get turned off at all...all day - all night. It's been declared dead twice. I had to buy 6 news cords...but my laptop still stands.
I have keys that do not work anymore, usb ports that are failing me & big black spots scattered over my screen. But the thought of parting with this friend makes me very sad.

Day 9: I am THANKFUL for a comfortable, cozy & clean bed....not everyone is that privileged....and I am ready to go there...Good night..... Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Day 10: I am THANKFUL for my Bible believing church & the Bible I learn there. I can honestly say I did not learn anything new from my Bible classes at college. It was more a refreshing of old truths going deeper into different subjects.
I have been blessed to grow up in this wonderful ministry.

Day 11: I am THANKFUL for my dad. It's been wonderful these past 4 years. The fun we've had together, the times we've laughed so hard we cried. And last but not least. My dad is a veteran, too! 

Day 12: I am THANKFUL for a Bible believing College that teaches Christian values in every subject and strengthens the belief in the inspired Word of God & does not destroy it.
The best thing I learned was that I am not the only young person striving to serve the LBC friends, you all encourage me!

Day 13: I am THANKFUL for the small things. You know, the little things that make one happy that no one else may understand. Every day it's something different but everyday there is a little joy.

What is one of your small blessings? Mine was taking lots of water drop pictures that day.

Day 14: I am THANKFUL for technology & the way it lets me stay in touch with my friends and family over the pond....

Day 15: I am THANKFUL to be able to read. I wasn't a reader till age 13...when I saw what adventures one could have in the comfort of their can be anyone in a book. But most importantly you can learn ANYTHING if you can read. Not everyone is blessed to be able to read.

Day 16: I am THANKFUL for all the visitors we had at your evangelistic Thanksgiving dinner today. The sermon was good and the fellowship afterward great...

Day 17: I am THANKFUL that Gd speaks to ME. Sometimes you wonder if what you got is real but I see the hand of God in my life & in the life around me so many times I KNOW its real. He speaks to me through his word & through the preaching all the time.
I know God is real because I speak with him...

Day 18: I am THANKFUL for my piano. It is soooooooooooooo wonderful to be able to practice & play at home. My keyboard before didn't have all the keys & no pedal. It is so beautiful too! I've had it for almost a year now!  

Day 19: I am THANKFUL that I can sew. Between my mom teaching me & sewing lessons at school I had a good basic teaching of sewing....and then I found what wonders you can do with a sewing machine...
My new hobby refashioning clothes is so much fun and I wish I had more time to do it. Sewed a too short dress into a shirt Monday and made a frumpy jumper into a cute fitting dress Tuesday.

Day 20: Even though my body is fighting a cold I am THANKFUL for my health. Some people have to really deal with big things like cancer, palsy or missing limbs. I don't! I am blessed to have a normal functioning body and I am thankful for that.

 What have you been thankful for?



  1. I hope you don't mind me asking, but how long do you practice the piano a day?

    ~Rachel M.

    1. I regularly practice once a week.....and if I have time I'll just sit down and play.... ☺


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