November 26, 2013

Tutorial: Blouse to ruffle Pillow

Patrick's mom has these two beautiful rose colored chairs in her music themed living room. When I saw this blouse I knew it had to become a pillow for one of those chairs. It has the same color pinkish flowers, nice cream & grey color accents and little note bars on the blouse when home with me.

Finally I sat down to make it. I wanted it to be simple but add some charm....the ruffles. I knew the buttons in the front would become the opening on the back of the pillow case.

OK, so lets get started.

Use a pillow to see how big/small you want it.
Cut left and right the same width. The back of the PILLOW will be cut square. The front of the PILLOW we will cut as longer in order to have the ruffles in the front. The longer the material the more "ruffely".
Pin your edges together. I did not have a lot of material so I pinned each of my ruffles.
Sew one time around.

You're done!

Pretty Simple....a pillow case done in 20 minutes!

Let me know if you made one & shared it on your blog. I can add the link here!

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