November 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday // Happy Thanksgiving

Day 22: I am THANKFUL for indoor plumbing....without's cold outside.

Day 23: I am THANKFUL for good music. Music that inspires you to be a better musician or to be a better Lois and India Rasquinha or Chris Trosclair!

Day 24: I am THANKFUL for laughter. Sometimes it's laughing with friends, a funny movie...or laughing at all feels good!

Day 25: I am THANKFUL God's protection. Only in heaven will I know how often he has kept me safe....only HIS will will happen in my life.
Day 26: I am THANKFUL for a place to live....a roof over my head, windows that keep out the cold air but let light come in....a clean (most of the time) floor. A civilized house.

Day 27: I am THANKFUL for my students. I love them and enjoy their some extent. Teaching is a wonderful job!

Day 28: HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!! Just got done decorating the table and I smell good food....we are having a Germafied Thanksgiving dinner. ☺ Lots to be Thankful for!!


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