November 27, 2013

First Frost

this is the sun behind the clouds...isn't beautiful?

When I walked Paxton yesterday I didn't bring my camera....I was sad. I saw so much beauty in the frost and frozen water droplets...and couldn't take pictures? I knew that when I walked him today I would HAVE TO bring my camera. No frozen water drops today but lots of cool frost pictures. ☺

My toes were FREEZING and Paxton....He was acting like a frisky puppy. He LOVES the cold. ☺

Have you had frost yet where you are at? What's your favorite pictures?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. It looks like that here too. I'm a new reader so I'm curious, what state are you in? I live in Germany. Thanks for your beautiful posts.

    1. Thank you for your compliments & following. I live in Heidelberg Germany.....where in Germany are you from?


  2. We have a couple of light frosts but nothing to warrant getting the camera out.... yet!


  3. Delightful scenes and captures!

    Have a great day.

  4. Gorgeous images all around. My husband was quite impressed too. He loves to visit all of you as a silent visitor. Before I has a chance to see any of the entries, he told me that I must see yours!


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