May 02, 2015

4 Steps to Organize & Declutter a Full Closet

Great and Simple ideas to keep in mind to not let clothes clutter take over your closet! Head over their quickly to change your closet forever!

So today's post was inspired by Rosmarie's question:

"Do you have any ideas on how to organize skirts? I have so many of them given to me that I am now overwhelmed! I'm not sure what to keep etc. any help would be greatly appreciated :)"

Here are 4 ways you can keep the clutter of clothes under control. ☺

1. Organize by Color:
In my old closet I had A LOT of room to hang up my clothes . I too have many skirts and in order to have an oversight of what I had I organized it all by color. Generally I know what I have in my closet but sometimes we too? So when mixing & matching and trying to find my outfit I know I need a blue or white skirt....I look into those color....and I just might see that the longer one would fit better...

2. Hang some - Fold others
In my closet now I do not have a lot of room to hang things. Since I did not have a closet at all when I first moved out I folded my skirts nicely and laid them on the ground. Now I still have many of my casual and a-line skirts nicely folded in my closet. The nicer ones I have hung up on skirt/pant hangers.

3. Do You Really Love it.
Just like Rosmarie I get SOOO many clothes for free. Many are hand-me-downs and I go to consignment shop that lets you trade...yep....spoiled. So I could have soooo much more if I did not ask myself: "Do I love it?" When you get things for free it's easy to keep everything that "might" work.

4. What's Your True Style
What colors and style REALLY look good for you. I have looked into many systems but what really made sense was "Dressing Your Truth". I stumbled across it 3 years ago through a link shared on some blog. I love the way I look and feel because of Dressing Your Truth.

This program showed me how I express a unique Type of beauty. And then it taught me how to dress in a way that brings that natural Type of beauty to the surface. It's really helped my personal style. But more importantly than that, it's helped me understand myself, the people around. Now I love my natural looks more. I just feel better about myself.

I really think Dressing Your Truth is something worth checking out. If you decide to buy their online course (which I think is totally worth it.....I'd just wait for their next sale to get it like 3x cheaper!), please use my personal share link: []
(By using my link, you'll get an amazing course and I get a small reward I can use in their online store. Double win!)

I hope this was a help. I mainly used skirt examples to better answer the questions better but all 4 points work with any type of clothing. I hang some nice shirts....others are folded and "stuffed" into my closet. ☺

So do you have any advice for Rosmarie? What has helped you keep the clothes clutter under control?


  1. Thanks for sharing Dressing Your Truth Iris. I actually visited the website through your link a long time ago and got the free ebook, but not the whole course. At first I was a little skeptical, but her approach makes a lot of sense, especially taking things like posture into account- which are both part of our appearance and directly related to our personality. It would be like God to create the little details in our outward appearance to be harmonious with our personalities too, wouldn't it? To be honest, I think most of the merchandise in her store looks a lot like her own type. I think she curates it herself and has a hard time getting away from her own style even when she's styling other people, but in principle I do agree with her, and her book is encouraging. My dominant type is type 2 by the way. Guessing you're type 1? :)

  2. Thank you for this post. I'm so happy you messaged back! Anyway I'm going to take all these tips into consideration while I'm cleaning out. I'm looking forward to others answers as well & I'm going to be passing this info on to my friends :) thank you so much

  3. Hi Iris,
    I totally agree with the "do I love it?" question. I don't get clothes for free, but I do shop at thrift stores with some great deals, and I've learned to ask myself the same question so that I don't end up buying too many "you never know what this'll be good for" things!
    I've seen the Dressing your Truth stuff. I was intrigued at first, and there is of course great benefit to her message about beauty in all women and finding what suits you. But as I started to read and watch more, I really missed the Biblical perspective, especially when she got into ideas about masculinity and femininity, and I've since stayed away.


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