May 30, 2015

Honeymoon Day || Three

On our second day in France we went to the Mediterranean sea. We knew we were wanting to go there for sure! I just wish I had figured out before....maybe asked around where a good place was because it sure was busy where we went! The water and beach was beautiful though!

Just a quick thing I forgot to post yesterday....we found a "chick tract" in Sisteron....and we didn't pass it out! So cool to find gospel literature in town far away!

So here we are on our way to Marseille, France.
We were dodging toll roads again....and then a road was blocked off....umm....we were driving in nowhere. Yeah, we were lost but it sure was beautiful there.

Those roads where crazy!! I have never seen traffic like this! And these scooters where just weaving in and out of the traffic.

Finally we where there!!! GORGEOUS!
This was cool a restaurant with the same name as Patrick's home town. lol

We are both not really water people so we didn't really swim but we enjoyed the beautiful sun & view at the beach.

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