May 29, 2015

Honeymoon || Day Two

Once we finally reached our hotel that night we were so exhausted. The guy there spoke no least he did not let on but we got to hour room fine. It was simply furnished but clean....that is one thing I liked about it. This hotel was SUPER clean! My mom has worked in several hotels...and not every hotel puts effort into cleanliness.

Anyway. This was bit of an eventful and uneventful day. The plan was to check out the town we were staying in...Sisteron...and plan where we wanted to go for the rest of the week.

Sadly, as I finally logged into the wifi on my phone I read a very sad post.....Patrick's grandpa passed away. Wow! A day after we got married. Patrick's mother and sister were still in Germany and because of how their tickets were they were hoping to make it back in time for the funeral. Now the question came up will Patrick/we go the funeral. It was impossible though...that was SO hard for Patrick. He was VERY close to his grandfather. So on our first day on our honeymoon we cried together.

On a happier note....A peak into the hotel.

And now down the road in the little streets we fell in love with quickly.

At one restaurant we looked at the menu and saw "frog legs with snails"....anyone?

We tried some lavender icecream.....different and good but way to strong!
look at the view!!!
We can finally do kissing pictures! No kissing before the wedding.

public toilets looked like showers...and bring your own toilet paper!

look at this the picture to see it bigger!
The Citadel

Hahaha...the man that made us poor couple food before we knew that restaurants are closed between 4- 7 pm
Inside the town church

All in all we had a great day. The hour walk around the town was perfect for our first day....Sisteron is just beautiful!

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