May 18, 2015

First || Home Tour

 Yes, FINALLY I am giving you a tour in my cozy little apartment. I am definitly happy with it even if I have like 10 things I want to work on and/or change. This is how it is now and it's beautiful as it is. So let's go in...


We just passed the coat rack on the right. Since we have the top floor to ourselves we use the area outside too. So shoes and coats are outside the apartment. 
Our little entrence area is your first glimps into my! I did a pattern on the wall I found on pinterest..... and it turned out amazing. Even my sceptics thought so. If you're thinking about doing a it!
 The shoe storageboxes are from IKEA. I saw this niftly storage idea on pinterest and knew I wanted to do it. I was telling my friend about it and she actually had a set she was wanting to get rid of. Her's were black....nothing a little spray paint couldn't fix.


The Kitchen needs to store the most, Kitchen appliances and disches. It took awhile to figure out how to best put things away and the longer we live here the more Kitchen stuff (and food) we have. I regulary go through my things and organize better. 

The red color pattern kinda happened. I actually wanted/want a blue and white kitchen. My second favorite color is red so I got many things in blue....and red. The table furniture with the red cusions was gifted to us (beautiful hand-me-down in superb condition!) So I just emraced the red and just use my red kitchen items to decorate.
→ In order to let the red and white color scheme come out more I used red tape from Ikea on my shelving....and it really pulls the open Kitchen together.
→Where you see the little serving cart was a built in fridge. Since we did not use it and there is no counterspace we decided to take out the fridge and buildt the cart. Patrick built it for me and it is SO handy. We are still planning on adding an extra shelf....once we did that I will share how we built it.


The bathroom is perfect for the two of us. There is really much decorating or funiture arrangement you can do in here but I love how it turned out. Everything was either thrifted or gifted and it came together so nicely. The shelf I bought from friends that were moving the little shrunk was gifted to us and had the exact same wood color. A chair (which you don't see -sorry) also the same natural wood. Our soap despenser (you kinds see it in the last picture) is a basket look that has the same redish brown.
 I actually want my bathroom colors to be brown, white navy. My hand towls are mainly brown right now, which is ok....and I am still looking for the perfect bathroom rug. Now it's a natural/tan rag rug.

Living Area

Now to my living area. When I first saw the apartment I was so worried it would feel crowded and small. But I think we found the best wa to put our funiture, using our space wisely and keeping it open and spacious. What do you think?

My living room colors are suppose to be yellow, blue with a little red. Red is wanting to take over my house. I am fighting it by painting the wall yellow and lots of yellow pillows I sewed from T-shirts. The blue...kinda got lost. 

I love botanical and picture collages. I love bird's and gingham patterns. Can you see it.
And before we walk into the living'll see on the left my desk area. (From the kitchen: Behind the fridge)

 My desk's color turned yellow almost 2 years ago. Doing college from home, and sitting at my desk ALL DAY I wanted a happy color. Do you think yellow is a good happy color?

So maybe some of you are a little dispointed to have reached the end of the post with no pictures of our bedroom. My bedroom is slowly getting there....but I am not really happy with it....not enough to be posting pictures. I will though when I get things more organized. 

My problem is:  big furniture, slanted walls and limited possibilites.But slowly I am getting more pretty storage solutions..... until then.

So what is your first thought of my our place? What did you like best?

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