May 28, 2015

Honeymoon || Day One

So finally I am sharing my honeymoon pictures. Since we had our "engagement anniversary" last week it's a great a time as any to share my honeymoon pictures. Since the main days were filled with lots of site seeing I'll be posting each day as a separate post.

So here is to day one. After the photo shoot at the Castle we finally went to our hotel in Heidelberg. They already called us because we were late checking in! The place was really beautiful and really my style (the reason I chose it). I am future bedroom will have to look like this....just with blue bedding and pictures on the walls.

The breakfast buffet the next morning was typical German....and super delicous. They had all these different kind of "Brötchen" (German rolls), fruit, Yogurt, eggs both cooked and scrambled.

I was even able to save an older American couples morning by overhearing them talk about not knowing which button to push for coffee. Thankfully I was eavesdropping...and could read German. 


After breakfast we packed our things and headed off to hour 10+ car ride to France. Thankfully we had a bunch of "Adventures of Odyssey" CDs.

The first time I saw this sign I thought someone made a joke....but a whole area had these deer with capes.

The trip was VERY long and we both were super tired! Patrick drove 9 out of those 10 hours. Since we avoided toll roads it made the ride longer but we got to see many adorable towns and beautiful scenery in France!

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